new blog to stalk - fabulous photos of the cutest little baby and man this woman is funny, totally baby centric so if you don't 'get' Mums writing funny stuff about their kids then don't click the link stories about us

I am both pleased and proudly smug about the fact I achieved my goals this week, namely:-

  • take Munch to tennis and hope he doesn't hurt someone or poke an eye out (his or anyone close by)
  • get 2 christening cakes and a birthday cake (1 for Church, 1 for Party and 1 for me and Jackie to scoff)
  • get bday pressies for a special 2 year old boy (can't go wrong with Bob the Builder)
  • finish the Mt McKinsey ironing pile (I don't own that many clothes am I ironing for the street here?)
  • buy me an outfit - millets had a sale on.....
  • buy boys an outfit (god bless the next directory)
  • finish digi album (ok finished all bar the text)
  • rejoin the gym (ok am going to do that tomorrow but have already booked Pip into the creche for a trial)

I'm going to refresh my blog links at the side too as I visit a lot of inspirational ones daily, I almost get upset if they are not updated I find them so funny, stylish and just great - it's like having a hotline to something fabulous, like eating a whole bag of maltesers and not feeling guilty.

Pip has been beaten into submission on the sleep front this week. He'd been sullying his 'I'm THE perfect baby' routine by cruelly waking at 1am, 3am, 5am (any mix of those and you'll get the picture) - I was having enough of feeling like I'd been dragged through the night by wild horses rather than slumbering fitfully on a cloud of feathers. He kind of mentally 'got' the picture this week by sleeping through everynight. Good boy Pip!

Nanni thinks Pip is the best thing since sliced bread - she looked after him today whilst I went and had my Farah Fawcett highlights and cut - yeah I am totally the 70's babe today. Apart from the fact the boys were on their own out the front on their bikes (they were still alive and apparently unscathed so I let that one fly) and baby was on his own crying in the front room all was fine!! I had just come home when she'd left them all for a minute to go pee, afterall a Nanni has to pee too!! Pip was just so good she was worried he never fussed or created!! next time I'll pinch him before I go out and make her work a bit harder.

No scrapping this week - too much panic shopping and tennis watching. Once we get to next week I will have my days free - me and Pip against the world! maybe I can be organised for the first time this century?