Munch started school this week. No namby pamby phasing him in - it's straight to it full time school for the next 13 years (we hope) for him.
He's doing ok - he's a little cranky because of being tired and there have apparently been 'things going on'. I take it to mean that there has been bundles over toys or such like and he has been coming home stating 'xxx doesn't like me any more' etc He came home on Tuesday (his first day) with a big lump on his nose where a kid threw a brick at him. After intensive questionning it transpires that Munch pushed a brick tower over that this kid had built and kid threw brick at Munchers face. Not good. Not a happy Mummy. However, it's the start of term and all these little kids are adjusting. Kid & his parent have been spoken to by teacher and teacher has spoken to me (amazingly Munch was recipient of bad behaviour and not disher outer). I am not going to get in a great big lather over it, not unless Munch really gets hurt (mind you how hurt does he have to be? I'm thinking broken bones or blood).
Having been through this all before with Tiddly and knowing how these things settle down it's best to play the long game here. Also best not to intereact with other parents - too much tittle tattle and gossip.
Have been scrapping mini albums this week. Getting some of that spark back. Kind of getting myself organised so I can scrap in the evening - but not totally there yet, I am still a lazy couch potato at heart and if a good film is on I am there.
Does anyone know of a good way of not 'grazing' - I am grazing like a herd of Texan cows and am now currently the size of one. Not a good look by the way. Oh and I am missing a backbone and willpower - a potent mixture at the best of times.