so I thought no-one ever read my blog and therefore any anomalies entered would be glossed over. Not so. Sharon noticed that one Thursday that I blog-glossed over was in fact the day I went to her house and she did a wonderul photoshoot of little Pip.

sorry Sharon and to try and make up for it here is my homage to my best bud:-

I've known Sharon for over 20 years and in that time we've never had an argument, not that I can remember anyway. This says a lot about Sharon, an awful lot. See, she's had to put up with living with me and my foibles (messy everywhere except the kitchen), my habit of being a bit brutal with the truth (she just absorbs it all with a smile), with my inconstantcy (not making her bday party because of a forecast of snow - mind you she does remind me every now and then), me being a rubbish helper(when she photographed a wedding), my copying her creatively (I only took up card making 'cos she started and i only love photography 'cos i saw her pics), my forgetfulness and occassional stupidity and all sorts of other things.
Sharon is brave and does things other people only dream about - she's just packed her whole career in to bring her children up and to develop her passion for photography. With her adorable hubby Darren they designed and got built the most amazing extension to their historic house - she had amazing vision with this project and a lot of guts seeing it through, whenever I talk to other friends about her I always add 'she's built the MOST amazing extension on her house - with a cellar!' - I do Sharon I always do!
I love you to bits Sharon although I might not show it and rest assured that I will be around for at least another 40 years to plague the life out of you and sniffing for free photoshoots.

when Sharon gets her website/blog up and running I'll post a link - she's a fabulous and creative photographer who specialises in family and children.

blogger is not allowing photo uploads at the mo but when it does I'll edit this and put in some of her fabbo pics