first day back at the gym today. Pip went in the creche where he spent most of his time puking up or grizzling. I feel a bit guilty because I gave him a bit of a feed before I went and this combined with lying on his tummy probably made him do the old heave ho.

Had a reasonable work out - the gym has changed a lot - not that I didn't know that, it changed before I stopped going. But non of the instructors are the same, nor most of the staff downstairs, so it's a bit daunting. I forgot my headphones too, I think a small stealer child was after them and I put them somewhere safe and forgot where that safe place was. Never mind I got to watch Linda Barker without sound - that's gotta be a bonus.

Did a bit of scrapping last night, I should have been at a PTA meeting at school but could not summon up the effort to shift myself. They caught me today anyway and I've volunteered to help with the school discos in December. Meeting at some lady's house on Monday after school drop off :o before I know it I'll get sucked in and be a Stepford wife.

Yeah and you know the colour puce? that's the colour I was by the time I'd finished my workout (I am now hoping that puce isn't green)