seriously sick pc last night and most of today. My impatient self decided to not wait for a frozen Windows to sort itself out, oh no - that would mean far too much sitting and waiting. Instead I decided on the 'unplug from mains' option - usually the domain of the male impatitents.

Rebooted to find a sick pc with an 'mountable_boot_volume' and big blue screens.

Woke up to find that this remained when booting up (I secretly hoped a night cooling down would fix it - as in 'computer heal thyself'). But no. Panic. Ten thousand photos down the tubes.

Texts, phone calls and general calling in of favours and asking big favours ended up with me having a fixed pc with a few niggly things not working (like internet) but enough for me to start BACKING UP my files. Learn to say 'YES' to backing up.

thanks to Rob & George, may you never find my blog and how stupid I am.