deeply deeply cool site photojojo - pretty much anything you can do with a photo and some.

and OMG I am so going to ikea to get a box to decorate like this one made & uploaded by Maria Cartolina on Flickr - look through her photos and she makes all sorts of extremely cool stuff - I'm thinking she's Brazilian or in South America somewhere - I wonder if she ships international?

It's Day 2 of 28 days on big picture and I have taken a photo of my fridge and my front door (as I don't have a mailbox). I have found a journal to transform - may go and do that in a minute and take a pic later.

Went to gym today - pounded the 'streets' for 7 mins til I needed to pee and then post-pee I got back on and pounded for another 24 mins (obv I was running/walking otherwise I'd be typing this from A&E).

Friday today! yippee!! end of week!!! the week from hell no less!! things can only get better. Huge footie match tomorrow, Tiddly is goalie against the top of the table team - I will go on that pitch and frighten those little suckers if they give him a hard time - this team is from the 'bad' part of town and their defense look like they are a year older than the rest of the side, it's going to be a rough match, esp as they are all 7 & 8 year olds!