this is an awesomely simple layout - am def going to do this, not read her whole blog but looks like she has something to do with fontwerks (yes she does she's one of their designers) not got any fontwerks stuff, but will be getting some - their stuff rocks!

i signed up to the 28 Days class on the big picture - the first task is to decorate your journal and take a picture of your pantry. I will be firstly panicking that I don't have a journal and then cobbling together something using an old something or other, and I will be taking a picture of my fridge which is the closest I can get to a pantry. I hope it's clean.

I did actually scrap during January, just not much.
I completed the above LO in a day (you'd never guess would you?),
I have to finish one more and reprint the pic so it is bigger.
I started a 2007 journal for all the boys just to note stuff down - need to finish the decoration but am majorly influenced by Donna D here and will lift this.
I made 2 exploding boxes, one for me and one for Sharon for her birthday (don't worry I got her some other stuff too I am not that tight)
I contemplated much and didn't even start a ton of stuff, but what's the rush? as long as I have the photos I will have the time one day.
Anso has some top stuff on her blog and I have discovered the funniest knitter eva! alright I didn't discover her, CZ found her and I am so glad she did.