I have bought all these stamps from AMLT and Scrapgal, even though I have been banned from spending and told in no uncertain terms that I must wait. But wait I could not and I will take the consequences like the rebel that I am.
I can think of so many uses for them - in layouts, journalling, date books, cards esp bday cards, to make mini-notebooks, for helping to categorise my photos (like Ali E) blah blah blah. I wanted them and I got them enough said.

For the two people who read my blog (thank you Sharon (& Darren)& Jackie) you will be pleased to know that I actually slept last night, as did Pip. I went to bed at 9pm (and read a book til Hubby came up and swiped the book and switched the light off without a word just a glare). I went and brought a sleepy Husband up at 1am as he was on duty on the sofa apparently, then Pip woke at 2:30am but he went back to sleep after a quick feed, he then woke again at 5:15am and I brought him downstairs and watched something on the tv - it was so long ago now I forgot what it was. Pip went back to sleep and I stared at the tv, but as I'd had about 2 sackloads of sleep I was ok.

I have written a list of things I need to do today (I will mark the unachievable ones out - this is how high I set the bar daily)
  • sick letter for Munch to take to school (he was off yesterday)
  • Print Sam project title pages (done)
  • Check Church Accounts (unachievable and really don't want to do them)
  • Scraplift LO
  • Take dry cleaning to cleaners (unachievable they close at noon)
  • Butchers (unachievable I don't want to ring them today)
  • Post office (Judi card & pressie/Next returns)
  • Book Stamperama Tickets (not sure why as I have just bought every stamp onthe planet)
  • Do Pip's Thank You's (half achievable - will design & print during day and write out tonight & post tomorrow)
  • New House card to make
  • Plus all the normal stuff - hoover, tidy, clean bathrooms, prepare dinner, take kids to Sam's footie practise, do bedtime stuff as Hubby is at footie tonight.

It's now 1:45pm as I write this - how much do you think I'll get done? I reckon I'll do none of it and will veg out by the tv eating biscuits!!

Oh yes - this is the hat!