I wonder how much I can type or how many photos I can include with Pip (all 11 wriggly months of him) on my lap?
well one sentence at least, he's currently trying to decimate a postcard which he is enjoying to the full despite just having had his lunch.
I went back to the gym today (hang on post card has been lost - it's ok postcard & kids scissors retrieved- should have longer). I was very disappointed, I thought I would have retained the minimal fitness I was nearly at 2 months ago without having to expend any energy at all. Sadly this is not the case am I am going to have to haul ass for some considerable time before any benefit is revealed (to me or anyone else).
I did download the army fit programme and it seems I am not fit enought to even do the conditioning pre-programme. God how sad is that?
Here's a programme called Couch to 5k Running plan - it looks doable. I need firm goals otherwise I cave in and give up. I don't have a backbone of steel and a will of iron, well not yet anyway.
The baby is now stocktaking the paper w have stored underneath the desk, I'd better deal with that before it's all dribbled on and screwed up.