I generally have the same resolution every year. To lose weight. As if achieving the nirvana of perfect weight will help me get to all my other goals. Every year I fail to lose the weight and therefore fail to achieve any of the other sub-goals. Even if I have specific goals, like say, run 5km in 30 minutes without needing hospitalisation, I neither achieve it nor am I close to achieving it. It's not like I cannot do it, it's that I cannot be bothered to do it. This is the brutal truth I'm afraid, I've probably skated through most of my adult life just getting by hanging onto goals that don't interest me that much. I mean if I lost the weight and felt fabulous then my mother would have been right and life is all about how you look and fitting into a size 10.

So let's look back on the year:-

january - spent mostly in agony due to pelvic dysfunction and being huge and pregnant.
february - spent mostly being scared witless thinking my little 8 week premmie baby would be very ill and in hospital for weeks, but he did very well and was out in 3 weeks,

march - spent mostly prodding the baby when he was asleep to make sure he was still breathing

april - spent mostly awake on the sofa with a baby too scared to go to sleep in case he was prodded

may - spent still mostly awake, but remembered all of a sudden I had 2 other kids

june - spent mostly eating chocolate and mostly awake

july - spent mostly in shock after baby slept through the night (at 18 weeks), still awake as I needed to check he was still alive at night. Middle child was 4 i think

august - spent mostly sleeping, thinking there might have been two other kids haring around but as there was no bleeding or obvious injury let them get on with it

september - spent a ton of money on my birthday, christening and school shoes. Middle child started school, elder child tied a tie without garroting himself, baby got used to being flung into a buggy and raced at break kneck speed to school every morning before they shut the gates

october - spent mostly in a tshirt as it was still so warm

november - spent mostly thinking I would get ahead of the game and get Xmas sorted early

december - spent mostly in a daze of sleepless teething nights and mild hysteria over elder sons 8th birthday and impending Xmas season with nothing sorted at all

Pip chasing computer wires today, first pics of 2007