Pip is still waking up after a couple of hours after being put down. It's getting boring now, he was brought downstairs and rocked, then taken back up a long while later and fed to sleep (mistake.mistake.mistake) He woke at 4am and Hubby dealt with him, I sort of heard him get up in my sleep but was so tired I just rolled over, I should have got up and helped but didn't. Feel guilty now, but I do sort it out every other night. As soon as this little chap's 1st birthday comes around I am stopping breastfeeding and he's going cold turkey sleepwise. I did it with Munch with advice from a sleep clinic, I will do it again!

Knitting progress is given here - I've got a feeling the hat will fit me (I'm not complaining, I told Hubby that Marja had sent the wool and it was so top knotch that it instantly turned me into a yarn snob). Oh and ignore my filthy windowsill, I do.

Stash sorting is also nearly complete - I've binned everything that I had not used in 2 years that I was never going to use inthe future, I put everything in little baggies sorted by colour awaiting the discovery of smart little see through boxes for storage (if anyone knows of cheap,cute,see through boxes that are about 2inx3in let me know).

I got Sam to take some pics of me, partly to record what I look like today (rough, fat and olld basically) as I have decided some things that will hopefully make a different picture of me in a years time. God I look rough.

Munch takes a great photo, bless his little heart.

oh and some scrapping believe it or not:-