Am knitting up a storm - just went and spent money I don't have (borrowed the boys xmas money allocated for nintendo game) on knitting needles, toy stuffing, 3 small canvases, ball of wool, other knitting paraphenalia, storage bags for duvets, ummmmm, other stuff I cannot reveal as it will spoil a birthday suprise and a kiln jar to make up a cocoa thingy got the idea from the brilliant Alicia Paulson (Posie get Cosy). The pic is from the site not by me! - the idea is to make up a funky hot choc mix using cocoa, skimmed milk powder and other flavours , layer them in the jar, decorate jar and add recipe for making it up on a tag and attach. My friend only drinks cocoa or hot milk so I thought this would go nicely with her funky uber cool mug.
The thing I am knitting is this.... well if I could find an image I'd post it, but I'll post progress reports. I am currently on the first ear having done 3 body pieces. I have another half and ear and whole ear to do followed by blocking and pressing, seaming, stuffing and pom pom making! I bought a pom pom maker today, i may pom pom my way through the year it is so simple to do.
I found out last night that my blog was on some kind of football website probably because I had not turned off RSS feed and had mentioned the team by name, I can just imagine hardened footie supporters arriving at my mainly scrappy & crafty blog thing 'WTF'. So apologies for that :). RSS feed is now switched off too.