it was very wet and muddy on saturday.

up early today, it is very windy, very very windy and the wind makes our tv aerial clatter and bang. The tv aerial is right above Pippy's room so he decided to make a noisy protest around 5am. This child will not settle in our bed either - he thinks it's playtime and I always think 'why didn't I go to bed earlier?'. Got my super comfy super alluring dressing gown on and trooped downstairs with him, half comatose. Stick him in chair and doze and ignore him for a couple of hours whilst looking at tv.

The older boys won't get up either, the dark and the lateness of them getting to sleep makes it tough. I try to chivvy them along with noises like 'hurry up or the girls will see you in your pants' (the girls get taken to school by me on Mon & Tues) but they've got past that bothered stage.

I got myself together and slung Pip in the car to get my dry cleaning (it's the 2nd time they've rang to tell me to pick it up) and to buy some wool. It's a complicated story but I have nothing to do so here goes - we have no money this month, I am on a spending ban, I desparately need wool to start my new knitting fad, I am on a spending ban online too, cannot go into town as I always spend more and I am on a spending ban, I have £5, I find a local shop that stocks everything from hamster food to embroidery kits, I buy wool & needles for £5 and am blissfully happy. Am currently knitting a dodgy tension square (like that's gonna make my knitting look better).

Need to hoover and feed the tamagotchi's.